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How Temporary Help Can Change Your Business

Warren J. Rutherford & Kendra Wallin

The Executive Suite

The Executive Suite

At The Executive Suite we provide our clients several services essential to their success, including leadership coaching and training, human resources consulting, and placement services. As part of our placement services we provide temporary, temp to perm, and permanent recruitment. Depending on your business needs at a particular time you may need some or all of these services, but let’s discuss temporary placements for now.

What Is Temporary Help?

Temporary placements are also known temporary staffing, interim staffing, or temp to hire. These placements can be full time or part time and the duration can range from 1 day to more than a year.

What Occupations Are Filled With Temporary Staff?

Employers use temps for a variety of occupations – administrative, accounting, marketing, technical, IT, health care, banking, engineering – the list is extensive.

Why Would A Company Want To Hire A Temp?

The reasons why companies decide to use temporary help and engage the services of an employment firm are several, for instance: the company may not have HR staff to conduct a search, the need may be immediate, the company may need to staff a new position permanently but wants to see how the position, and the person, work out first.

What Are The Benefits To Hiring A Temporary Employee?

Some of the employers with whom we work need regular employees but do not want to be responsible for paying their wages, workers’ compensation, Medicare, Social Security, or payroll taxes. In these instances the employer wants to cut one check a week to a temporary placement firm who they are confident will take care of these details while they focus on their products and services. Since the temporary employee is hired by the placement firm – we are responsible for taxes, insurance, and payroll management.

Other employers are not comfortable posting a job, interviewing candidates, doing background checks, checking references and want the interview and selection process done right – the first time; as a placement firm that is our expertise. Additionally, our inventory is people – qualified people across a broad spectrum of occupations. Oftentimes we will not even need to post a job – we can turn around a placement request within a day and provide the employer 1 or several highly qualified candidates – something that might take the employer several days or weeks to complete. Finally, you get a highly trained employee – one who shortens your in house training time and is more productive more quickly.

What Are The Best Reasons To Hire A Temporary Employee?

As an employer you may have a short term project that does not justify hiring a permanent employee. You may need someone to fill in for vacation, sickness, or maternity leave. Or, as mentioned above, you may have a need for someone full time, but you want to make sure the position – and person work out with other members of your company or your customers.

The key to these and other reasons is to assess what your work flow needs are. What goals do you need fulfilled that can’t be met with your current talent? Do you see the goal as short or long term, part or full time? Do you have the resources to move effectively through the recruitment, selection, and training process? These are a few of the questions employers ask about – what are your reasons?

Warren J. Rutherford is the Owner and Kendra Wallin is the Staffing Consultant at The Executive Suite, located in Hyannis, MA. They can be reached at 508-778-7700,,, or online at

Article By Warren J. Rutherford & Kendra Wallin

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