ACA Compliance ● Retirement Plan Services ● HSA/FSA Plan ● Benefit Accruals

With the recent onslaught of Federal, State, and Local employment law changes, organizations need the ability to access state of the art HCM technology and the expertise to support this technology.  These days it’s just simply too expensive not to comply.  A single violation of Massachusetts sick law can bring fines of up to $15k per payroll.  Our full service HCM system, iSolved, will provide you with all of the tools necessary to stay up to date on ever-changing employment laws and the ability to easily track Payroll, HR, and Benefit information in a single location.

ACA Compliance

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The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.  Although the program initially faced a significant amount of resistance it appears that there is no real chance that ACA will go away anytime soon. With our benefits module, you will have the ability to:

  • Track variable employee status
  • Provide monthly compliance updates
  • Generate annual reporting to confirm full-time or part-time status
  • Produce annual 1094 & 1095 forms
  • Handle yearly IRS filing

Retirement Plan Services

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Working with financial experts, the BizChecks Team will enable you to access the best advice regarding retirement plan options.  We work with an outstanding group of financial advisors and CPAs who will determine the right plan for your organization.  Our retirement services also include:

  • Electronic uploads on contribution and funding information
  • A fully integrated employee census system that allows organizations to gather employee information required for retirement plan administration.
  • We will work closely with your third-party administrator to provide all the payroll and HR information required to keep your plan compliant.
  • Our HCM system enables businesses to simply and efficiently consolidate retirement plan services with payroll processing.

HSA & FSA Accounts

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Partnering with an expert in the administration of HSA and FSA plans in Massachusetts, Cafeteria Plan Advisors, we will be able to provide your employees with the ability to participate in the management of their own healthcare costs.  As part of a cafeteria plan, an HSA will provide tax savings for both the employer and employee.

FSAs are also an important part of any pre-tax cafeteria (section 125) plan.  Your employees will be able to fund a benefits account through salary reduction and when a qualified event occurs the employee is promptly reimbursed.  The pre-tax status of the plan will save employees and employers money.

Benefit Accrual Tracking

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While understanding earned sick law, paid family leave, and ACA is important to every organization, knowledge of the regulations does not ensure compliance.  It’s critical that this understanding is translated into actual company policies.  Our fully integrated Payroll, HR, and Benefits platform makes communicating, calculating, and managing leave programs a piece of cake.  With iSolved you will be able to:

  • Eliminate messy spreadsheets and automate the accrual process
  • Build leave policies, accrual rates, and plan limits
  • Run reports showing hours earned, used, and available balances
  • Allow employees to submit time off requests electronically
  • Enable managers and supervisors to approve/deny PTO requests through ESS