In the payroll world, one size does not fit all. The BizChecks Payroll solution, iSolved, offers users a robust scalable platform that is tailored to meet your unique needs. iSolved provides the convenience, power and security of a 24/7 cloud based system that enables you to access your data anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, this state-of-the-art technology is available with our personal touch.

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Tax Filing

The core of any great payroll platform is the tax filing service. Our tax filing services are fully guaranteed and supported by one of our owners, Laurie Drago, and the Director of Tax Compliance, Susan Hogan. Laurie and Susan have over 40 years of combined payroll tax experience and make our clients tax experience hassle free.

Direct Deposit

At BizChecks Payroll, we love direct deposit… that is why there are no additional fees for this service. By combining Direct Deposit, Employee Self Service, and our Paperless Report Option, you will save time, money, and help the environment by ‘Going Green’.


Eliminate the headaches of manually calculating child support and tax garnishments. iSolved imitates the language of court orders to execute the garnishment automatically and accurately. Garnishments are sequenced properly, stop when limits are reached, track arrears levies, and can be paid via ACH payments or agency checks.

General Ledger Export

Our Director of Tax Compliance, Susan Hogan, will work with you to create a seamless export between iSolved and QuickBooks. After your earnings and deductions are mapped to iSolved, you’ll be able to export your payroll data directly into QuickBooks. No mess… no fuss!

Payroll Reporting

Although the BizChecks Team loves to talk with our payroll partners, we understand that you may not have time to call in your payroll. No worries! We offer a variety of reporting options including: integrated time collection, an online pay grid, email, fax, call in, or call out.

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