Time & Attendance

Mobile ● Desktop ● Physical Clocks ● Scheduling ● PTO Requests

The BizChecks Time Solution will transform the way you collect, manage, and process your employees time. Move beyond outdated and inefficient time solutions. iSolved Time replaces tedious time-tracking procedures, and completely eliminates manual collection & entry of information required for payroll. The fully integrated time solution with iSolved will:

  • Eliminate messy imports/exports of time information
  • Increase and improve employee productivity
  • Simplify employee scheduling
  • Manage PTO & absence policies
  • Implement 100% rule automation
  • Do away with buddy and fraudulent punches

Go Mobile

With more employees working remotely and on-the-go, employers need a reliable solution to track their mobile workforce. iSolved Go features include:

  • Stored logins
  • Paystub view
  • View accrual balances
  • Mobile punches
  • Time off requests
  • GPS location

Time Clocks

Time is money and our fully integrated time solutions with iSolved enables you to save time and money. Eliminate costly clerical errors, buddy punching, and scheduling problems while managing time collection from anywhere. Time clock options include:

  • Electronic Time Clock- Track labor with mountable time clock units. Employees can punch with a badge, by entering a pin, or by utilizing their social security number.
  • Biometric Time Clock- Employees can login securely and easily by using their fingerprint.
  • On-Line Time Clock- Employees can login with a desktop or laptop through their Employee Self Service (ESS) account.

Scheduling & Attendance

Our scheduling module is fully integrated with iSolved time and allows managers to quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees. You can create an unlimited number of custom schedules, develop schedules by department, and create schedules by position or shift.