Pitch Perfect

May 4, 2017

Not a fan of an endless barrage of annoying sales pitches? Neither are we.

Payroll is what we do at BizChecks Payroll. With the word “payroll” in our name, we realize that may seem obvious. Yet that’s not always the case with some of the large, national payroll companies that also incorporate the word into their name.

Many business owners may not realize that although “Big Payroll Company XYZ” will provide payroll services, it is more interested in selling customers insurance and investment products. That’s because insurance and investment services provide a higher profit margin, so they are willing to treat the payroll portion of a wide-ranging package of products as a loss leader.

If your payroll is handled by one of the big guys, you’re probably already aware of this because you’ve purchased their insurance and investment products or you receive weekly phone calls encouraging you to take the leap.

BizChecks Payroll offers services beyond issuing paychecks, but we don’t subject you to an endless barrage of sales calls. We make every effort to ensure that you are aware of the services we provide –without the annoying product pitch.

Our payroll service options are extensive, from direct deposit and a user-friendly online payroll filing system to assistance with tax compliance and attendance tracking, to name just a few. We can also assist with the Affordable Care Act tracking required by the IRS. And if you have questions about insurance programs and investment services, we can help with that.

We’ve partnered with local, reputable professionals who we’ve come to trust. But because earning revenue on these services is not our primary goal, we don’t feel the need to remind you on a weekly basis. Our primary goal is – and always will be – to build long-term relationships with our clients. We do this by providing exceptional customer service and unfailing accuracy.