Critical Year End Payroll Deadlines

November 18, 2019

Critical Year End Payroll Deadlines

In 2016, significant changes were mandated by the IRS, DOR and Social Security Administration to filing deadlines. This year all W2s and 1099s must not only be provided to the employees, but also filed with the appropriate taxing agency by January 31, 2020. This is a full 30 days in advance of the prior deadlines. In addition to these deadline changes, all Applicable Large Employers under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act must provide their employees with the 1095 statement by January 31. In order to comply with these deadlines, it is critical that you meet the deadlines listed below. In the event that we receive information after these deadlines, amended returns and W2s will become necessary and will result in significant additional fees. Click here for a Year-End Checklist to help you stay organized.

Sub S Health & Year End Auto Reimbursements

Please contact your accountant as soon as possible to obtain all year-end postings for owner health insurance, year-end auto reimbursements, and any other fringe benefits that must appear on the W2. All year-end adjustments will be done in a separate payroll. In order to ensure that all adjustments appear on your W2, we must receive these by December 13th. All year end postings received after December 13th will result in an adjustment charge to re-process year end filings.


If you have paid independent contractors through payroll, we will automatically generate the 1099 form. If you would like BizChecks Payroll to produce a 1099 for any independent contractor not paid via payroll, please ask your customer service representative for a submission form. All forms must be submitted by December 13th. Any submissions received after the 13th will be subject to additional charges.

Social Security Numbers/Address Changes Reminder

BizChecks Payroll will be providing you with a social security verification report with all payrolls from November 18th through the end of the year. If you receive payroll reports electronically, this report will appear with your regularly scheduled reports under your reports tab in iSolved. You should have your employees verify their social security numbers and current addresses. Changes made to social security numbers after December 13th will result in significant additional charges to re-run year end information.

ACA Information

We will be contacting those clients we believe to be subject to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements of Applicable Large Employers, you should contact your benefits broker immediately. Please let us know by November 29th whether you will need BizChecks to provide the 1095 form for your full-time employees. Those clients requiring this service will be provided a benefits spreadsheet by December 6th. This information must be completed and returned to us by December 13th.


All Christmas and year-end bonuses must be received by Wednesday, December 11th at noon. Please be aware that any bonus information received after the December 11th deadline will result in an additional fee. Bonuses must be run in a separate payroll and will be issued as paper checks unless arrangements are made in advance for direct deposits. We will need at least three business days to process the bonus payroll. Bonuses exceeding $100,000 in Federal Tax Deposits must be deposited with the IRS within 24 hours of the check date and will require a wire transfer to BizChecks. Please contact Laurie Drago for details.

When reporting bonuses, please provide us with the following information in an email or fax. Please note, bonuses must be reported in writing.

  • Check date of bonus
  • Dollar amount of the bonus. Is this amount gross (before taxes) or net (the amount you would like the employee to receive)?
    Please provide Federal and MA withholding amounts or we will use the IRS supplemental wages’ tax rate of a flat 22%. (See IRS Circular E, page 19 for more information).
  • Any deductions withheld from bonus check?

Vacation/Sick Accruals

Please remember that vacation time paid out in a 2019 check will appear in your 2019
numbers. Vacation time paid out in a 2020 check will appear in 2020 wages (even if that time
was taken in 2019).

Tax Frequencies

The IRS and MA Dept of Revenue have recently begun sending out changes to employer tax deposit frequency schedules. If you receive any notice from the IRS or Mass Department of Revenue, it is extremely important that you fax the notice immediately to us at 508-428-5507 so
that we may continue to deposit your taxes in a timely manner.

401Ks & Simple IRAs

In 2019, the contribution limit to 401Ks is $19,000 plus a $6,000 catch up contribution for those 50 and older. The contribution limit for Simple IRAs is $13,000 plus a $3,000 catch up for those 50 and older. Please contact us by December 13th if you need to make additional
contributions to your plan. Limits for 2020 increase to $19,500/$6,500 for 401K and $13,500/$3000 for Simple IRA plans.

W2 Delivery Address

If you would like your W2s delivered to an address that is different than your normal payroll delivery address, please let your Payroll Specialist know by December 13th.