Important Holiday Schedule Information!

Holiday Schedule 

This year Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Tuesday.  This creates all kinds of challenges regarding the processing and delivery of your payroll.  We have tried to create a schedule that would ensure that all employees are paid in a timely manner while meeting the revised requirements of the Federal Reserve and our ACH processors.  We realize that many companies may have to estimate hours for employees to meet these deadlines but unfortunately this is unavoidable.

Please carefully review the deadlines listed below.  If you have any questions about the timeframes or would like to make alternate arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Holiday Reporting Deadlines 2012:

Check Date:

Report By 12 Noon:

Will be Couriered On:

Monday (12/24,12/31) Thursday (12/20,12/27) Monday (12/24,12/31)
*Tuesday (12/25, 1/1) Thursday (12/20, 12/27) Monday (12/24,12/31)
Wednesday (12/26, 1/2) Friday (12/21, 12/28) Monday (12/24,12/31)
Thursday (12/27, 1/3) Friday (12/21, 12/28) Mon. (12/24,12/31) or Wed.(12/26, 1/2)
Friday (12/28, 1/4) Monday (12/24, 12/31) Wed. (12/26, 1/2) or Thurs.(12/27, 1/3)


*Companies with Tuesday check dates will be automatically moved to Monday.

**Companies that receive their payrolls via the US mail or Fedex should report as early as possible to ensure that the payroll packages arrive in time. 

 If you need to change your method of delivery or delivery date, please contact our office.


Thanks for your help and have a great Holiday!